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Grading Complex landforms...


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We're working on a project with fairly complex grading and trying to determine the best course of action to model the site. Right now, we're pretty frustrated with the abilities of the program and are feeling like we're spinning our wheels and may just default back to 2D.

The project has a portion that is an amphitheater and we're working to control a portion of the bowl with walls/ retaining wall modifier and the upper lawn as 3d polygons set to Site-DTM-Modifier to shape that portion. Unfortunately, we're getting pretty erratic results and don't feel we can trust this level of accuracy moving forward.

See attached images for visual discrepancies. Curious if we're going about this in the right manner. We're hoping to do a full BIM/ SIM model for this project, but VWs failed us in the past in terms of rendering components accurately or providing inept tools for modeling.


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Forgive me if you this is an obvious question... have you created a Grade Limits modifier around these changes? I wonder if that is the cause of the problems you are seeing there?

It is important that all modifiers are enclosed within a Grade Limits object (each Grade Limit can enclosed multiple modifiers). Also, ensure that modifiers are not touching - if they touch, one set of elevations will be ignored.

Hope that helps you.

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