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Serrated Edges

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I had to dealt with this very problem earlier today. Your geometry is either a long way from the 3D origin of the file or you have geometry a long way from the origin.

Place a 2D locus at the centre of the page and check its X and Y location information on the OIP. If either exceeds 300 m then you have a distance from origin problem. This can be fixed by creating a new file and then creating new Design Layers in that file by importing the Design Layers with the Import Layer Objects options on from the problem file. This will centre the information on the origin of the new drawing which should be at the centre of the page.

To check for distant geometry use Saved Views to create a record of your current view state. I usually call it temp and then delete it when I am finished. Then make all Design Layers and all Classes visible. With nothing selected in Plan View use Fit to Objects to get the extent of the drawings. Look for objects that are a long way from the rest of the drawing. Once you have identified these delete them or modify the Group or Symbol they are in to fix the distance problem. Then switch to a Front Elevation view to check for distant objects in the Z direction. Fix these problems if they exist. Then check again using the Fit to Objects process. Once you have the problem(s) fixed use the Temp Saved View to return your file to the earlier visibility state. (Note if you have Design Layers of different scales you will need to repeat the process for each scale group of Design Layers.)

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The most common cause I've seen is imported DWG survey files where the survey information is located a long way from the origin. The next most common cause is DWG files that have distant fragments of information.

Whenever you see jagged OpenGL rendering it is a sure sign that you are a long way from the origin.

If the rendering is very slow that usually indicates that there are widespread objects. Usually a fragment of something a long way away from the rest of the drawing. To delete those you always need to check both in plan and elevation.

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