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Problems creating a 3D object from a 3D polygon


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I can't seem to figure out how to create a surface that I can work with (ie, give depth and texture to) when a 3D polygon does not sit flat on a 2d plane.

Here's the problem I'm working on: I'm modeling a sidewalk that is 12' wide, 5" thick, and follows a path up and around a small hill. I started with a polyline of the Top/Plan view of the sidewalk. Then, using an elevation, I placed 3D locus points along the edge of the polyline. I connected the dots with NURBS curves, then converted the NURBS into a 3D polygon. The outline follows the exact path I'm trying to create, but I can't give the polygon the 5" of depth or the concrete texture that I need for rendering.

Any thoughts about how to get this to work?

John Smetak

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Houston, TX

VectorWorks 2014 SP2

Windows XP

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Not sure what's different about this shape, but the normal way (Select the NURBS curve object, Model > 3D Power Pack > Create Surface from Curves) didnt allow for the creation of a surface.

Going to submit and see why not. Normally either that or using Extract in surface mode on the object would let you get a NURBS surface that you would edit and texture, not sure why this shape isn't allowing such tools to work on it.

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John, looks like your loci are good, but your 3rd step, the NURBS curve is made with corner points. I suggest creating 2 NURBS curves - inside edge & outside edge - by connecting the dots with the NURBS Curve tool. Then loft the two curves to get the surface. Then Shell to get the thickness.



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