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Past Due for a Forum GUI Update

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I've heard for a long time that there was to be an update to this forum's GUI. Please make it happen soon. It takes 7 clicks just to get email notifications for any topic. That should be one click. Also, it's unbearable how much messing around it takes to get an image to appear in a post. That should be click, drag and drop, click, or just drag and drop.

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Agree totally, this has to be the least useful tech or CAD site forum front end there is, I mean if you need to place a + before every search string why does the engine not do it for you??

why no viewing stats (e.g. reply number) on posts when you do a search?

It can't be rocket science; Rhino, Sketchup and Stack Exchange all have great functionality.

Forum useability is a big factor in selecting a CAD, even a poor product is greatly simplified with good discussion, but good web discussion needs a good web framework.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Short answer:

It WILL happen, it's just tied into a bunch of other components.

I'm feeling overly explanatory this morning so...

Long answer:

The CRM system we use (Customer Relationship Manager) tracks sales, leads, tech support emails and calls, Service Select account info and shipping addresses is all one huge database that we (Nemetschek Vectorworks Employees) all access in varying way depending upon our specific job.

The system we use is outdated and needs replacing. This is a big deal as it affects absolutely all of our companies operations at the same time and the conversion has to go off without a hitch. Migrating all of the data manually is also not an option, so they have to pick a solution that also supports automatic import of all our data into the new CRM package.

What this has to do with the forums is that normally CRM packages include a separate knowledgebase/forum setup as well, which if we purchase bundled with everything else we will save a significant sum of money. BUT since this changeover affects every department, all departments have their own lists of requirements that MUST be met in order to approve us switching over.

So as you can imagine, its complicated and taking longer than it might appear a forums upgrade should normally take. However, "luckily" these forums are nearing the absolute end of service life both for browser compatibility as well as security updates, so our hand will be forced soon enough. Same with the knowledgebase.

I don't mind hands being forced if it means I/we get upgrades ;)

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