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Pattern (fill style)


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Can someone give me a good example for use of some standard PATTERN fill?

With all hatches, solid, gradient, tile and opaque color fill, I do not see a reason to use some of the fill styles, those 72 standard patterns?

They are known for printing problems. The appearance of the patterns on the screen depends on a layer scale level, therefore they either print at a very poor quality if visible or become like solid color if they are too small on the screen.

To compare final results I need to do some testing for settings in VW + print with Preview.app and also Adobe PDF.

Too much work and no guarantee of results.

Please share your experience.

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It depends on what you are doing.

I do a lot of block flow/process flow type diagrams. Scale is always 1:1 and they usually are single layer and fit on a single page.

For these types of drawings patterns work great and are really easy to use.

For a more complicated drawing needing to display at multiple scales (site plan, building plan, detail), the hatches/tiles are a much better choice.

Maybe it would be reasonable to change the order of the Attributes Palette and move the patterns down to a lower position so they don't seem to be the default/preferred choice.

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I think if you set the hatches to World scale, they will adjust to remain the same relative size compared to the hatched object regardless of what scale you display them at.

If you set the hatches to Page scale, they will always print at the same "real world" or paper size regardless of what scale you use.

Try this to see how it works.

Create a new drawing. Set the design layer scale to 1/4". Draw a rectangle (relatively large) and apply a Brick hatch (any one will do). Draw a circle and apply the Aluminum hatch.

Create a viewport on a sheet layer. Duplicate the viewport and change the scale to 1/8"

What I see is the bricks change to be smaller in the 1/8" scale viewport. The aluminum stays the same size but shows less total hatch pattern in the smaller sized circle.

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