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Lighting Beam Not terminating at surface

Rob K

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To whom that may help:

Cannot figure out what has changed:

Created general stage using the stage tool

Drafted Lighting plot, utilizing Vector symbols.

Focused light, turned on, lit fog.

Background: Lit Fog, %50 Smooth, Receive Shadows

Fast Renderworks, beam continues past stage as if it were transparent.

Looked at a recent render I did, and this is didn't happen on that drawing.

Scenario is the same in VX 2012 and 2014...


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I have done all of the above Mr Linzey. I have even dismissed using the stage tool, and reverted back to extruded polygons, which used to work swimmingly well, applied a renderworks texture, but am coming up with the same output.

However, when I start a new drawing and recreate the scenario, it acts as it should, solid, no light passing through.

What setting have I turned on that I shouldnt have?

thanks again

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