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Exporting Image File

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Is there a way to select a previously imported image file and export it as an image file?

Right now my only thought is to see the image file on the screen go to file export and marquee over the image. What I am wanting is to have a selected image export directly as the image with it's previous properties.



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A couple other paths for this (not perfect):

1. Navigate to the image as it is displayed in the Vectorworks drawing area. Select the object/image and copy to clipboard. Open an image editor (Preview, PS, Gimp, Graphic Converter, many others) and open a new file from clipboard. From there it can be saved in any format/size/resolution/compression available to the image editor. Vectorworks may add a white border. Sorry about that.

2. Instead of drop&drag/import the image as a bitmap into Vectorworks, Save the image in Vectorworks by importing it as a resource:

>>>Resource Browser>New Resource in (current file)>Image>Import an image file. In the dialog, choose either jpg or png.

The image resource can be exported as an image file from the document:

Select the image(s) in the list in the Resource Browser then right click>Extract Image>browse to target location and save.

Unfortunately, this process saves as a png whether the image resource was imported as jpg or png. File size is generally larger than the orig, too.

Note: This 2nd way of handling images is versatile because the image resource can be applied as an image fill to 2d objects, or can be used to create image textures for 3d objects. These resource can also be easily transferred as resources to other Vectorworks files via Resource Browser>Select the image in the list>Right click>Export (at the bottom of the pulldown). So you could keep a Vectorworks file full of image resources for use whenever needed.




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