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Drawing List with Counter/Numbers


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Hi there,

I know how to make a drawing list but how do I know what function to use in order to generate the item number next to the drawing number? The Drawing No/Code obviously does not indicate what number it is out of the entire drawing list of 100 drawings so how do i do something like this?

Item No Drawing No

100 G-301

101 G-302

See what I mean?


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Got it.

The Item # will be

=('Name of Title Block Record Format'.'S_Sheet Number_SN')

The title of the sheet will be

=('Name of Title Block Record Format'.'S_ShtTitle Line 1_SD')

Or something like that. You can edit the title block record format to see if your field names are different.

Example attached.


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What must one do to change item or drawing numbers in the worksheet and have them change the actual sheet's number or name? Or is this even possible?

(I do have automatic drawing coordination on, if that helps to know.)



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In that example you will run into problems trying to change those values in the worksheet. Because it is pulling the Sheet Number and Sheet Title from the values in the Navigation Palette. Changing the values in the worksheet might seem to work for a while, but the title block will eventually refresh and go grab those values again.

If you don't use the _SN and _SD suffixes in the record format, then it won't do that and you can use the worksheet to change the values.

Once you remove those suffixes from the record format and changed the database calls in the the worksheet, changes made in the worksheet will be updated in the title block after you force the title block to redraw by either dragging it out of position and letting it snap back or Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plug-Ins.

So I always just make the changes in the navigation palette. :)



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