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Vectorworks 2014 not exporting DXF like before



In my line of work, I export to multiple other CAD formats for clients and colleagues. I do this on a weekly basis and almost robotically following the same procedures and parameters.

Now, since upgrading to v2014 (from v2010), the DXF export to Autocad 14 is not working for my clients. Two people, one running ac2002 on Windows XP, the other running ac2004 on Windows 8, have confirmed the same error ? something like "premature end of object... invalid or incomplete DXF input... drawing discarded" error message.

Anybody else?

What possible solution is there if I haven't done anything different?

Seems to be a bug?

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Problems occur only with DXF. Not with DWG. And for either binary or text export.

In fact, random tests by importing the same files directly back into Vectorworks show group objects (that were converted from 2D symbols) haphazardly rotated 90?. Maybe somebody can confirm?

I sure hope I don't have to explain it to a client or consultant on a different platform who can only import DXF and not DWG. The clients currently reporting these errors have had poorer results (greater problems) with DWG; hence, they prefer DXF.

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