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Customize Detail Call Outs


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Open the file:

[VW directory]/Libraries/Defaults/Detail Callout-Marker/Detail Markers.VWX

..and create a symbol in it so that matches your office standard. It might be best to start by duplicating one of the existing symbols in that file, then modifying it.

And, an unsolicited observation: Please don't use ALL CAPS in your posts. Hard on the eyes, and looks like shouting.

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I am interested in creating a custom detail callout for our office.  Your post above gave me a start, but instead of changing the geometry of the tag, I would like to change the text the Tag displays.  I want to create a tag that allows me to only display the reference to a sheet number without referencing a drawing number (though I still want the tag to be able to be linked to drawing number).  The default tag allows for Drawing Number Only display, but not Sheet Number Only.  I found how to add 'Sheet Number Only' to the drop down menu in the plug in settings for the detail callouts, but I can't find where to tell the file what 'sheet number only' means.  


Thanks for any help you might be able to offer!

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  • Marissa Farrell changed the title to Customize Detail Call Outs
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@Robert Anderson , I'm looking to do an office standard modification to the standard detail callout marker as shown in the attached image.  How can I change the box to an arrow leader and add a linked drawing title?  Possible? I've created a data tag but can't figure out how to make it dynamically linked to a viewport on another sheet or for the shoulder line to play along with the drawing title length.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sean, I'm trying to understand the workflow you are trying for. The Detail Callout by definition is a region (polyline, if you will) of a drawing that is linked to the crop of a viewport. So not having a region seems to be kind of beside the point. What is your arrowhead pointing at?

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I am trying to create a detail marker that points to objects/lines/areas that have a corresponding LINKED detail.  Take the net post example below.  I'm looking to create the label that creates dynamic text from the linked viewport drawing label, sheet number, and detail number.  That way as details are added, reshuffled, or renamed, all stays up to date.



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