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Mac OS 10.2.2, Anyone?

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My Apple Software Updater just informed me that there is a OS 10.2.2 update available.

Is there any kowledge of new issues with VectorWorks 9.5.3 running on OS 10.2.2?

I normally install system updates instantly when they become available, but I am very leary these days about the delicate balance between VectorWorks and Mac OS 10, and upgrading either one is no longer a given.

Can anyone at Nemetschek give us the "all clear"?

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Peter (& Katie), After installing the 10.2.2 update I have only found one problem (so far!): all of my older fonts, which were in my OS 9 partition, and had been available to all of my programs in OSX were gone from the system. Bummer. The fix was fairly simple, I just added all the fonts from my OS 9 system to OSX. But does this say something about 10.2.2 dealing differently with fonts? or with partitioned HD's? I have no idea... PLC G4/450DP/OS 10.2.2

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Does this happen wtih new, blank documents?

Are you using 9.5.3 final or one of the beta versions?

Are you using one of the pio buttons to put a door / window in or a symbol of ours, or a symbol you created?

Please specify which symbol (if ours) and the PIO using when you get the crash.

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I'm unable to print out of VW 9.5.3 (final and beta) under OS 10.2.2.

I started another thread on this subject


It's not crippling yet, because I can plot on other machines in the office that havent upgraded to 10.2.2 yet, but its really annoying. Basically VW Unexpectedly quits after I hit the print command. but before the print dialogue window appears on screen. It crashed with all printers selected, and is happening on at least 2 different machines.

Anyone else seeing this?

Mac G4 733

OS 10.2.2

256 Mb ram

VW 9.5.3

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It is a new blank document. Other new documents are unaffected as of yet.

The symbol is a parametric simple door. This only happens when inserting in walls that I have previously drawn. If I draw a new wall, and insert, all is clear. I also noticed that this only happens for doors drawn as "2d only". Doors drawn as "3d" are unaffected.

VWA 9.5.3 official release...not beta.

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