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Improve Scale Objects - Symmetric By Distance

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I don't see what you mean yet, to clarify:

Currently scaling with Symmetric by Distance has you measure the current distance, then enter the desired new value, (which I was considering the "new distance") So the user both knows what it is going to be and has control over it. Where is it that you would want to measure the new distance differently than that?

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Jim, I want to be able to measure the new distance (ie. it should also have a measure button next to it in the dialog, just like the current distance). Often I want to scale something to match existing geometry in a drawing. Right now I have to measure the existing geometry first and then invoke the Scale Objects command and enter the new distance manually.

Scale objects currently assumes you know the size you want to scale to. Often you don't, its related to other objects or geometry in the file.


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OH duh, I get you. Measure once for old distance, then the same click-click measurement interface to set the two points for the new distance. That makes perfect sense. I need coffee.

Submitting now. Well... after I get coffee.

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1 hour ago, Markvl said:

or new for 2018?

New in 2018! One of the engineering managers asked if there were any smaller scope tasks that could be slid in near the end of development, giving users a useful tool without being too resource intensive, and this came to mind immediately.

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