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Why do arcs occaisionally get extra lines?


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Why, is it that arcs sometimes have very long lines appear when you print them.

These arcs appear normally on screen, it only shows up when you print it. The only fix is to delete the arc and then replace it.

This has happened off and on since version 8 of both Mac OS and VW. It has popped up in VW9 and OS9 and 10.x

it isn't common, and is only a real problem when one has many copies of these arcs in one file.

any insight would be appreciated.

no this isn't common to one file, one user, one computer or one printer

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I have never heard of this. Of course, there's alot that I haven't heard of. I learn every day over here.

Could you send more information into us -

printer, file, OS, etc.

We can troubleshoot it from here and find something out for you.

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VW 8 we know what causes that.

It was an accuracy issue when objects resided far outside of the print boundary box.

Removing those objects, resolved the problem.

VW 9 and VW 10, the problem is a bit different.

I know if the DPI is set to a low number on printer output, the arc and circles will appear squiggly or wormy looking. I know that sounds really professional. *L*. I can't think of a better description.

When increasing the dpi to 300, 600 or higher, the squiggly arcs and circles will print just fine.

So, if you are having this problem, please include the following information -

Does it happen every time you print a specific file?

What OS are you using?

What printer are you using?

What version of the driver are you using?

What is the DPI setting used when printing?

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because this has been in several different files, there isn't consistency entirely. The Version 9 files have happened twice. Once on a Quicksilver 733/1 GB RAM running Mac OS 9.2.2 VWA 9.5.2 printing to a HP DesignJet 800PS on a file created whole cloth in VWA9.

The second file was printed on both an HP 4050 and a 5000. It was a VW 8.x file upgraded to VWA9.5.3 printed from a Cube 1Ghz/512MB running OS 10.2.1.

in both cases the enable hi rez printing was checked and was at the "recommended" setting.


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