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mouse zoom?

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i recently met a former vectorworks draftsman who in the course of discussion about the program said she had her mouse programed to zoom in, and i believe out with stand alone clicks of certain buttons. well wouldn't that be kool! has anyone out there ever heard of this and if so do you know how or what type of mouse/driver/program this would require?

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Originally posted by whitecap:


that sounds like a trmendous advantage but, let's suppose i'm stuck with 9.5.2 for a while. is this kind of accelerated production available for my current level in some form or another?


I used a kensington mouse in ver 8 on both PC & Mac. Mouseworks, the mouse soft provided by the manf., has a good level of customization, though I do not recall being able to include a zoom shortcut, it may be possible with the updated version.

You may want to take a look at :


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I've posted a response to this "zoom" feature available in VW(A) version 9.5.x. Essentially, it is a programmable feature available if you use a Microsoft mouse with wheel button.

I use the MS Intellimouse Optical at work, and at home the wireless version. Within it's control panel, there is a customization feature for each button and function, and specific to the software you're using. I've set the wheel button to zoom in or out (incrementally) by typing in the keyboard equivalents to program the button. The "c" and "v" key are the ones that correlate to the zoom. It works best if you press and roll the wheel button, but you can set it up to your liking.

Of course, it is not as smooth or well integrated into the program as VW 10 or AutoCAD, but it should hold you over such time you do decide to upgrade, or not.

Hope this helps. [Roll Eyes]

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Check out VW 10's new navigation features:

- Use the mouse wheel for zooming/scrolling depending on what key you hold down.

- Zoom tools have been modified so that you can hold down the left mouse button and move up or down to zoom in or out.

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The new zoom feature in vw10 is really great, and very unique! Using the wheel with no keys scrolls up and down. Using the wheel holding down the Ctrl key (win) zooms in and out. Using the wheel holding down the Shift key scrolls left and right. This really is a smooth way to navigate around a drawing. I guess the programmers have proven, you really can improve on an old trick. My hats off to you, well done.

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