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Inserting Doors


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An existing VW14 floor plan file has somehow changed the way door objects are handled. My existing doors now show lines in the opening as if I have "show walls" or "threshold" selected. The "wall lines" are colored the same and is a part of the door object. New doors insert the same.

I can import a wall out of this file into a new file and insert a new door with the correct results: no lines in the door opening. I can then cut and paste the correct drawing to my existing working sheet/file and the door opening stays empty of lines as desired.

The only thing I've done since the drawing was correct is import ACAD/DWG files.

I know there's an apparent answer to this question, but I'm brain dead at the moment and appreciate any help provided.

VW14 SP2

Mac OS 8.5

Late 2012 iMac

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