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Problem Exporting Drawing with Image Fills to PDF


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We've recently changed our landscape plan graphics to use a photorealistic type look, and so have been using image fills rather than solid fills for turf areas, planting areas, etc. I'm really happy with how it looks, however when I export the drawing to a PDF, the images fills appear with thin grey lines outlining each image that makes up the fill - looks really bad. When I print from the PDF though, the grey lines are gone and it looks great. Most people these days, including our clients, will only look at the PDF's though, so I need the PDF to look proper too. Anyone else had this problem before. Please help! I've attached the PDF for reference.

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Outlander - Could you post your system and vectorworks specs? A signature for your posts can be created in the My Stuff pulldown. This would help.

The pdf displays a bit differently on my system than on Monadnoc's system. Sorry, this offers no help:

In Adobe Reader v11.4.04

1. A grid of faint gray lines appears throughout the drawing. I thought they were concrete joints or other hardscape lines at first.

2. Text appears normal.

In Apple Preview 5.0.3 (504.1)

1. No grid lines. The background image looks good.

2. All text is invisible. No text, but the leader lines are visible

OK, good luck!


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The grey lines occur everywhere that an image fill is placed, and they are the actual outline of where the image ends and starts again. There are no drafted lines like that in the drawing file.

Interestingly, the same drawing plots just fine, without the grey lines. It is only in Adobe Acrobat or Reader that they appear.

Not sure why the text is missing when viewed on a Mac. Guess that's whole other issue.

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