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Mat, if you are on a PC, dock the constraints palette at the top below File, Edit, TOol, etc. Then remove it from the dock. The menu's should show up correctly now.

It's a bug that I've buglisted. I had it happen to another user that actually figured out the work around. Two days later, it happened to me!

Go figure.

To get a new workspace - you need to reinstall.

You can use the workspace from VW 9, but I don't reccomend it. You'll end up needing to replace more objects in the various palettes due to changes made to them internally, than you will have better luck. I am not for using a workspace froma previous version because of all the work that is needed to get it work. 15 minutes to recreate the workspace in VW 10 vs an hour or more figuring what will work and what won't work .. it's not worth it to me. Personal opinion.

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This may be a wish list item, but like others I customize my workspace, and it is radically different from the stock VW workspace. Alot of times there is stuff I've done that has become so ingrained in how I work that I don't even remember customizing it. Consequently, everytime I upgrade it takes a couple weeks to get my workspace back together, I agree that using a previous workspace is more work that its worth, but it would be nice if NNA could develop a tool to convert workspaces between Versions of VW. I admit this is probably a low priority, but it would be nice.


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