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Stamped sheet metal part


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OK, Benson. I now have to give up on this 3D model. I believe it cannot be done.

You've given an idea on the underlying concept ? essentially, that this is one of those forms that, if it cannot be stretched in digital space, then it cannot be manufactured period.

The "stretch" of the material is killing it. A draped material might be better, or I might have to get more drastic in redesign.

The side "flare" is most important. This is a tall cone+barrel solid converted to NURBS surface, then Fillet Surface, then shelled, then chop off from above. Totally sacrifices the top circular cap.



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Oddly, this morning the solid addition worked, creating a monolith, and it took a fillet edge at the top rim okay (the circular cap). So the solid version (lower object in illustrations) is good all around except underneath where the rim cap was added. Which makes it unusable again.

Just for exercise...





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