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Shop Drawing Module

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This is an email I've sent yesterday to the tech support...I Think I'm not the only one with this kind of questions.....Please take a look.



Dear Tech Support Guys:

We are a Company that has recently shift to use VectorWorks products instead of AutoCAD (four VW architect and one vW mechanical licenses). The main reason of this change has been that VW is a very intuitive package, mainly in a 3D environment. But, our products are mainly the Shop Drawings of steel pieces for the industrial division of our company, and even that VW has change our mind in a different ways (3D Models, worksheets, layer linkings, and so on), it's getting short when the # of pieces start to grow up (huge buildings, sport facilities or steel complex configurations).

Do you know of a shop drawing module available for Vector Works...????

Are you planning to invest in this area in the near future...???

If you don't, maybe your partner Nemetschek has something like that in mind....Can you find out with them that possibility..???

I've been looking for in the third party add on's section of your website, but there's still nothing for Us.

Please this is a serious matter for Us, if you or your partner don't have in mind to develop such a technology in the near future, please advise. In that case we have to shift again to software like Xsteel (http://www.tekla.com ) or ProSteel 3D (http://www.strucsoft.ca), by the way, the last one depends on AutoCAD.

Finally if you think you can't help me, please pass along to the right person or department this inquiry.

Thank You Very Much.


Arch. Guillermo Mejia

MONELCA Industrial Plant

San Juan Opico, La Libertad

El Salvador, Central America

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