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Space Object text size setup

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I am using VW Designer 2011.

I need to resize the text of the Space Object to fit my actual 1:200 project scale.

The text is to big.

I am aware I can do this with 2012, but I have only 2011.


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You should still be able to do this with Vectorworks 2011, Modify > Scale Objects with the text selected, and making sure that "Scale Text" is checked at the bottom of the Scale Objects dialogue box should allow you to rescale the text as desired.

Alternatively, if you need to rescale the geometry and the text is ALREADY too big, you would select the geometry and then uncheck "Scale Text" then scale up the geometry and the text will remain in the same location relative to the other objects, but will not change in size.

These may help explain the scale command and the different kinds of scaling a little more:




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Thanks Jim,

The first video was the one that gave me a vision of what I needed to do.

Space Object is treated as a symbol (attached to a database fields), and as such, I can create my own Space Object symbols, using the defaults folder.

BUT?there is a problem, the Space Object symbol does not follow the layer scale. It does not accept the Scale Text option.

If I setup this symbol to 1:200 scale, I can?t use it in 1:50 scale (to small).

So I have to create a Space Object symbol for each scale ?

Correct if I am wrong.

Santiago Ribas

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DOH completely forgot about that. Yes, most likely you would want Space Label Symbols set up for each scale, you can them save them as a resource and use them in other documents, but you would indeed need to set them all up the first time.

(Someone here may know a slicker way, I am regularly trumped when it comes to workflow suggestions here ;) )

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