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Resolve Note Conflict dialog,

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I'm trying to use the drawing note database. Yet ANOTHER half baked tool.

If I update a note in the database, this should update all instances of the note in the drawings. It does not. It replaces one instance.

Maybe I could simply use the Find and Replace text... NO it will not work on the Callout tool.

If that is not wasting my time, how about this dialog. For some reason VW thinks someone else is making change to my database. Now when ever I change a note I get 6 of these dialogs in a row. It does not matter which button I click, mine is better or The other note is better the conflict is not resolved.

I've used this tool through out a full drawings set. I now have to make changes to notes. It is going to to take me a good while to manually go through each call out read it check to see if it is correct, If I update it I have 6 clicks of resolve note conflicts to get through.


1) How do I bulk edit call out tools with out using find and replace

2) How do I get rid of this dumb ass conflict?


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Resolve Note Conflict Dialogue Box.  598f5af778e95_ScreenShot2017-08-12at3_45_08PM.png.c75a2a6376905e29e25923c16180edf2.png


I am having a similar problem with the Resolve Note Conflict Dialogue Box. While I kind of concur with some of the findings above, I might not use such harsh language. :-)


Does anybody know what causes this box to appear and how to resolve it?  Is this a bug?  What is happening when this dialogue box appears?  If I am the only person working on this project, who or what is changing it? 







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VW 2019 doesn't seem to have addressed this issue and I don't see that anyone from VW has responded in any way to this series of questions.  Somebody has to know how this tool works!  :-)


I have absolutely no clue how this feature should work, or how to resolve these issues and a drawing with a database that has over a dozen conflicts in the database. The Reconcile Notes function doesn't seem to address. I've read through the help section several times.  Can somebody tell me how this is supposed to work and what I might be doing wrong?



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The notes database, keynote/callout tool desperately needs an overhaul. There are a few threads about databases & callouts, users either confused by how it works or calling for changes. I've been trying to find a way to effectively incorporate databases into my workflow. I do manage to use it though it is frustrating as it could work so much better.


Integrating database notes with record formats and room finish data would be my ideal. At the moment I essentially have 3 sets of mutually exclusive databases all in the same program!


For the aforementioned dialogue box, I get that occasionally though it does not usually keep repeating for the same note. That sounds like a bug.

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It's a bug (or software design flaw) of some sort, but I haven't figured out exactly what causes it, and nobody at VW seems to understand the feature fully.  I've called VW Service Select and spoken to folks about the problem, only to have the issue not get resolved.  

To minimize the issue, I use the following approach:  When using the Note Database manager, I always make a new database per project.  Rather than copy and edit existing callouts I add the notes first in the database and update the callout from the manager.

I think things get messed up when you copy notes that have a database tag, and then you edit them (rather than updating them with text that is in the database).  What happens is that the data tag associated with it becomes conflicted.  The resolve note command doesn't seem to fix the problem.  This is all I've been able to figure out or infer through trial and error.  That said, this issue has been present for years, and I may not have a full understanding of the issue. 


If you have a file that already has these "Resolve Note Conflict"  issues, you have to delete the conflicting notes and every callout instance with the conflicting notes until you clear out the error.  Depending on the number of callouts you have, this may not be a workable fix.


The annotation tool desperately needs to be revamped.  But I doubt it is high on the priority list of things that will get improved.   

In the meantime, I hope this helps.



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Guest Alex Sagatov

@cberg Can you send me a PM with a copy of your notes database and possibly an example file where you are getting the conflict messages? I can send you an upload link if needed.

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@ASagatovVW  I have not been able to recreate this issue in VW2019 SP 3.1, even with files that were problematic in VW2018 and earlier versions of VW2019.  I will let you know if I can find instances of this tool not working correctly.  Do you know whether there was a bug that was fixed?  



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Guest Alex Sagatov

@cberg Glad you are not running into it currently; however,  as far as I can tell, nothing related to the notes database was addressed in SP3.


If you run into this moving forward, please let me know. I have specifically seen this once in the past. Your Notes Database is stored as an XML file. In said XML file, there were multiple notes that ended up with the same unique identifier (not exactly sure how this occurred) that was causing the user to receive these note conflicts. I can't confirm you were running into the same thing, but it is the first thing I was going to check in an example file.

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