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Sun Animation

Ronin X

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Can anyone give me a hint on how to make the animated Time or Date appear on a solar animation.

Yes I know about the buttons on the control panel indicating which of the notations are SUPPOSED to show, but I'm getting nothing. Are the Date/Time Stamps set to a particular class or something easy I'm just not getting?

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If you are using a Heliodon Object to generate the Sun, After you click on Solar Animation, go to Export Solar Animation, click OK, an alert will ask you to first Click OK then Click again to place the Time/Date/Data. Make sure to click this close to the image (building?). Also, make sure that your Default Font Size is large enough (too small a size may result in "invisible" text).

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Thanks for the suggestions... However I'm still looking a really nice videos with no date and/or time stamps.

I've set the default font to 20 points and on the control panel I've set the time to 18 points and the date to 12 points - still nothing.

the scale is 1:1 and the view is from the design layer.

Anything else anyone can think of?

txs in advance

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Dredging up an old thread here because I have the exact same problem Ronin X had and tried everything he did and Peter suggested (and more). Still can't see time and/or date stamps. No answer to be found in any other thread or VW Help. What's the trick?

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Found my answer and posting here in case anyone else has the same problem and goes searching like I just did. What worked for me was turning ON Display Screen Objects in Unified View Options. Scale of the model doesn't matter, whether 1:1 or 1:48. Model and heliodon on design layer; OpenGL. (Psst, VW: it'd be nice to include that little bit of info in your instructions.;-)


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