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Help with custom title block

Rob NZ

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I have tried to make a custom title block with help from this tutorial vid.

But at around 5.45 open the standard title block file from the VW program file, drop the new custom title block onto the page with rest then save it back into the standard title block file location, but the program will not allow me to save over the original!

Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong!

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There is probably something about your system that is locking the VW library files.

I find it a better practice to always save custom work into my own files with my data files rather than with the program files. This absolutely protects my work from being written over by installation files and allows me to use upgraded standard files when they come out. Most of my symbols, including title blocks I keep in a single resource file that is named starting with a 1, so it sits at the top of my favorites list. The system automatically loads that file into the resource browser so my favorite favorites are quickly accessible.

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