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Not sure if this is helpful, but for larger bodies of text, like cover sheet, sheet specs, etc., I use a word processor, print to a pdf, put it in my Xref folder, and reference it into my sheet layer.

MS Word has a sheet size limitation, but Pages (I see you are on a Mac) will let you create large sheet-size pages with columns, tables, etc.

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this video by michael k. shows how to write bulleted text using a worksheet:

It works - but it's really a hack.

For really highly formatted text, I like to use Bill's method. In Pages (and certainly Word, also) it's possible to make the page 22" tall by whatever you need wide and use and manage columns of formatted text MUCH easier than in Vectorworks.

You have to remember to keep saving to the same referenced pdf every time you edit the text, but it's a pretty simple workflow.

Better text layout features are definitely worth putting on the wish list?.



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I've also used the PDF route for long worksheets.

It's common for me to have lists of theatrical fixtures that run several pages. I set up duplicate objects to be the headers for each page. (something else VW worksheets don't do) It's a pain to set up but it updates almost flawlessly.

Yes it's a hack, but I think VW shouldn't duplicate major "office" tools such as word processors and spreadsheets. They should make interacting with those tools as easy as possible. Right now PDF is the only truly universal complex file format.

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