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problems with arcs



hello, new to the board and somewhat new to vectorworks, so forgive me for any obvious ignorance. i have attempted to export a file to .dxf of a 3d model to be cut on a laser cutting machine several times, and each time the file received in Autocad has line segments instead of arcs. the machine only runs a 2 axis cutting path, so i just need it show from a 2d view. i tried extracting a face of the object and it shows arcs as line segments as well. i read another post about a similar problem but it hasn't worked out quite the same. seems like i'm just missing something really simple as a setting, but not sure what. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I know this is a bit late but.....

1. Before extracting the face make sure that 'Create Planar Objects' is on in the preferences for the extraction tool.

2. Put the extracted face onto a new layer and make sure it is in the Top/Plan view. (you may need to rotate the face so it lies on the Top/Plan plane.

3. Decompose the face. (Modify>Decompose). This will give you arcs as opposed to polylines.

Once exported as DXF you should get arcs in AutoCad.

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