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v10 Problems

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These are a couple of thing I have noticed since installing v10.

1. The background behind dimensions has increased significantly. On drawings where I had dimensions close together it distorts the look of the drawing.

2. I am unable to get the fill to turn off behind dimensions.

Note: There seems to be an additional fill box behind the dimension which is larger, obstructive, & unchangeable.

3. When I adjust text size the current size is not highlighted when I open the pull down widow. I then have to go up and highlight it before I can change the size.

Has anybody else noticed these problems?

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In VW Prefs (File, Prefs, VW Prefs) click on Display tab.

Put a checkmark in "No Fill Behind Text" checkmark box.

As for the font size thing, what type of font are you using?

What version of VW are you using?

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When did this become a bug? I never had this problem in v9. These dimensions seem to have two fills, I think you can turn off the fill but the second fill is unchangeable. My existing drawings are distorted when I convert because the second fill is bigger than the standard fill.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The second fill was added for v10. It is just there when the text offset is 0. It was added because of a complaint that the break in the dimension line was not large enough for ASME dimensions. It's size is a little larger than the text fill in both directions. I think the problem you're seeing with its size would be solved if it was only bigger in the direction of the dimension line. We will investigate this.

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