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Some lighting devices not appearing in viewports


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I have an odd recent dilemma on my current lightplot.

Some of the lighting devices do not appear in the sheet layer viewports. I checked all class and layer assignments, and none of them are wrong. I can have to of the same symbol/lighting device next to each other, and one will appear, while the other won't. I even went back to my design layers, selected my view, had everything showing, made a new viewport, and it does the same things as the old one. Many of the fixtures just don't show. I even turned every layer and class on in the viewport...still nothing.

The odd part is that when I zoom in and out, they appear, then disappear again. Some appear only at certain zoom levels. This tells me that it's definitely not a class issue.

It is not a problem with a single other symbol in the drawing. Just lighting devices. It means that I can't print my plots from sheet layers with titleblocks and such.

Anyone experienced this?

I know that I'm not on the most up to date service pack, and maybe that will fix it. But I do not upgrade during projects. Now that the project is over, I'll try and see.

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Try going to the design layer, deselect all, then run Refresh Instruments.

I've seen similar issues especially with older files.

The only other time I've seen the problem is the symbols are 2D only. Under certain conditions (rotations I think) the 2D only symbols don't get drawn correctly in viewports.

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Thanks guys. It was a hybrid symbol issue, and it was the 2d lighting devices acting up. Even with the same symbol, some would appear and some wouldn't. Sucked to go through and add a 3D locus to so many symbols (and especially since base bodies didn't work, it had to be in each symbol), but, it fixed my issue!

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