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Space - Rounding a formula

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I'm trying to get to grips with the space tool and would like to use it to display both sqm area and the sq ft area. The only way I can think to do this is to use a formula in the additional data section.

I have successfully managed to get it to calculate the area using the formula:

=(#Net Area#*10.7639)

but I was hoping to round the figure up to the nearest whole foot. I have tried using the vectorworks function =round(#Net Area#*10.7639) but have been unsuccessful.

Is anyone able to help me with the correct formula? Or is there a better way to accomplish my needs?

Many thanks!

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And then how to do I get the result of that formula to display in a worksheet? When I bring it in it just displays the formula!

Finding this so frustrating!!!

Thanks in advance...

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Just to clarify, face.

You are trying to get both imperial and metric areas showing on the spaces' labels, i.e. on your floor plan, and in a worksheet, right?

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Face, I can get what you want in a worksheet. Just use the formula:


to get the metric equivalent of the area.

On the other hand, I can't get even your formula (=(#Net Area#*10.7639)) in the Additional Data area to give me anything more than the same text back. How did you do that? Are you getting this Additional Data on your Space Label at all?

If the 'round' function is anything like Excel, it has to be given the desire degree of rounding desired as in round(cell_location,-2). The -2 indicates that you want the number to round up to hundreds, if I remember correctly.

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Thanks for your help Mitch & Michael

You are correct Mitch: "You are trying to get both imperial and metric areas showing on the spaces' labels, i.e. on your floor plan, and in a worksheet, right?"

However I work in the UK so I work in metres for area but my client is from pre-metric days so prefers to work in feet.

This is a screenshot of what I did to get the space label to show both measurements: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17200339/spaces.jpg You can see the space labels in the background.

Mitch, I thought the same about the round function too but the VW's help doesn't mention anything about specifying the degree the number needs to round to:

"round(number)- Rounds the specified number to the nearest whole number - =round(D11)

(returns the value in cell D11 rounded to the nearest whole number)"

Michael, thanks for the pointer for the other thread. My metre dimensions are working fine to whole metres as I've set that in the document preferences. The problem I think is that my feet are done using a formula so VW doesn't recognise them as a dimension unit and therefore doesn't round them off.

I'd also like to roll this out across the whole office so don't really want to rely on a script which needs to be recalculated each time.

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Do you have to add your formula for changing units to each instance of the spaces or are you editing the space label symbol? If the latter, how do you do that?

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The formula is in each instance of the spaces as additional data and then I call up this additional data as an extra bit to the space label symbol.

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I know this thread has been inactive for a while, but I have a question about this space tool. First of all I do not see a "space tool" under my space planning toolset. I have a Raum Tool CW which whenever I try to use pops up this message;

"error occurred while opening plug-in. Make sure that there is a "Plug-ins" folder in the same folder as the application."

The Raum Tool shows up as a .vwr document rather than as a .vso like other vectorworks plug-in objects in the VectorWorks file directory. Not sure if that is related but it's a piece of information.

Other than that, how can I turn a rectangle or a polyline into a space object I guess? I'm using this particular file in 2D.

Thank you very much.

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With a polygonal object selected, you should be able to use Modify > Convert > Create Objects from Shapes. Some other workspaces have it listed under AEC > Create objects from shapes (or Landmark> or Spotlight>)

You should be able to add the Space tool back to the workspace via the workspace editor, unless you have a localized copy that does not include it:


(I do not know if any localized versions omit the Space tool by default.)

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Thank you very much Jim, I was able to bring the Space tool alive. Hoorayy. I was going to ask another question but I think I figured it out with an earlier post, hence my delayed appreciation. But thanks a lot again, for the prompt response.

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