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Door IDTags

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Is there a way to control and keep the door ID tag parallel to the leaf?

I could do it when the leaf is horizontal, but not when it's vertical?

Moving the door ID is also a bit of a trick, I always end up moving the door.

Is there a way to have more control of the placement of the door ID?


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The ID is moved directly by using the blue selection handle, it appears so you don't accidentally grab/move the door itself.

As for aligning it, do you mean the text direction aligning with the leaf? That's normally controlled by either enabling or disabling "Keep Tag Horizontal" in the doors Object Info palette. However I do not think you can customize the rotation for the ID label for openings that aren't at right angles.

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I am not seeing what I think you are describing, but maybe it is my misunderstanding.

I draw a room with a vertical wall, two horizontal walls and an angled wall. I put a door in each of them and click the On-Schedule button to show the ID on the drawing.

I get the ID set to be parallel to the wall the door is inserted in. If I click the Keep ID Horizontal check box then The text for that door goes horizontal.

As far as moving the ID, it seems to be a little funny. First, I would recommend that you Deselect the Wall Insertion Mode button in the mode bar of the Selection tool. This will keep you from accidentally pulling the door out of the wall.

Second, it appears that you move the ID with a Click-Click motion rather than the expected Click-Drag motion. Using the Selection Tool, select the Door In Wall. Click once at the center of the ID (there should be a small blue box there) move the mouse pointer to where you want the center of the ID to be located and click again. The ID should move there. You need to click very accurately. It does not seem that the snapping to the ID center snap point responds to the Interactive Cursor Snap Box and Selection Box settings. You need to click very close or exactly on the Selection Handle.

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