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A Bounty on Bugs

Kevin McAllister


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It definitely is time consuming properly reporting bugs and workflow issues. I've been doing it more recently simply because I get direct feedback from Jim a NNA letting me know something is actually going to happen eventually in the background at their HQ.

But Kevin I do agree with you as to getting some kind of "candy" in return as this type of detailed bug filling is usually for release Beta testers whom usually get the candy!

In the end, it does take up some costly and valuable production time of mine.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You know, this is actually a pretty solid idea.

I mean, currently the only thing we have in the way of "currency" are Vectorworks Cloud Services credits, but since VCS is still in beta everyone is getting as many credits as they need. So probably something else entirely.

I will chat with some of the folk here and see what they think.

("VectorBucks" You-heard-it-here-first!) :cool:

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One easier way to submit a bug should be to do it via a video, where you talk over your screen capture as you create the bug.

VW could make a sort of video conferencing mailbox, where you log in, start the session, record your screen, and it gets saved to VW Bugs dept. Then all you have to do is upload your file afterward.

Idea stolen from digitalmechanics I believe, who has a history of posting to this forum via his Youtube channel.

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