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NBS Annotator for Vectorworks

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Have you tried asking them for DWF files? Those you can import into Vw and work with.

Can BIM actually exist without the free sharing of information between project members? I think not. Until there is a significant shift in attitude real BIM will never work.

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Have you tried using selecting only the Classes of the objects you require and transferring those objects to a new file? I do acknowledge that this only works if the source DWG has been properly organised with the objects drawn in their correct Autocad Layer.

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We just finally returned to NBS building solely so we can try out this annotator plugin. I've added the plugin to the work space, I have a nice new menu. I've installed NBS building, and NBS annotator.

But having a few problems. I can select a spec (I just made a very quick one with limited content to try out the plugin)

I get the following error:

The NBS Annotator has either failed to respond or delivered faulty data. Please take note of the actions leading to this problem and report them to support at cadimage.co.uk

I've read the guide which comes with the plugin tool. Its kind of ambiguous and sates: "NBS building or NBS Annotator should be installed (and the NBS plugin of course). Not really sure what the role of annotator is. Is this for when you have a spec file, but building is NBS annotator is not installed. There is a export facility in annotator to export to Vectorworks notes manager file? but no mention at all of a need to do this in the guide?

Where am I going wrong? Is anyone using this successfully?

Should I unistall annotator as I have building on this workstation?


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Just to feed back on what has been a long running bug for us.

To answer my own questions and to add some more tips on getting this plug in to work

- yes, you definitely need the NBS tool "annotator" installed

- If working on VW 2015 you need the 64 bit version of the plugin (I'm told as of 08/05/2015 this will shortly be uploaded to the VSS portal)

- Crucially, we have found that the location of the target NBS spec file is important. It appears to be related not to where it is (in terms of server, network or workstation), but the length of the path name and the file name. When we shorten the name, or located it less deep in our server folder system, it all seems to work. Even roaming profile desktop paths seem to have an effect.

Hope this helps any one also stuck

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It's been quiet on this thread for a while, so...

...will the NBS Annotator tool work with VW2016? And also with NBS Scheduler (rather than Building or Create)?

Many thanks!

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