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OK guys and gals whats the most VW friendly mouse??

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^ I also use the M570, love the smaller trackball.

However the best mice are often the most basic, the Microsoft Intellimouse series is solid, indestructible and works with pretty much anything I plug it into with little or no added configuration.

The Magic Mouse has issues for some because its a little less precise to use than a mouse with more mechanical components. I know users who work with it without issue and swear by it, but personally I dislike it for Vectorworks.

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I am a huge fan of trackball mice. I own and use a Logitech M570 (it is in my travel bag), but after extended use I find my thumb gets tired and I am less precise. My favorite mouse is my Kensington Expert Mouse. I also use and recommend the Microsoft trackball explorer.

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If you like very high DPI mice... i recommend logitech G500. Somewhat simple mouse, great feel, but you can crank the DPI to 5900 or something... which is crazy sensitive (I Love it)... plus you can add weight to it for a more solid feel and the chord is a nice weaved sheath (like a premium guitar amp chord if you know what I mean) that should last years. I have one in my office and thus far have turned 4 other people onto it in my office. My 2 cents.

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I have been using a Logitech MX518 for years. And before that, I used the previous version of it. It is simply the best mouse for me and the way I work. The one I have is rubbed raw on the bottom, but I will use it until it dies. The only downside is that it doesn't work well on every surface.

It fits my hand perfectly, and is a great weight.

It has five buttons in addition to the left, right, and middle (scroller) buttons.

I use the three buttons surrounding the scroll wheel as "selection tool", "rotate", and "magnify" tools. My middle scrollwheel button is always set to "Mission Control" systemwide for quickly switching between documents. The two thumb buttons get reassigned constantly in SteerMouse depending on my activity at the time. Usually they are "Enter Symbol" and "Exit Symbol". But I might assign them to run different scripts if I'm running through my document assigning circuits to lighting fixtures or something like that.

So yeah, I'm a fan. Unfortunately, it's not available any more except through ebay and such.

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Yuck to track balls. I wanted an ergonomic and light mouse, The Magic mouse is no good for CAD, it's a looker but not comfortable and also heavy, I researched and got a Logitech M500, it's corded so very light, it's quite large so fits the hand really well, it's fully programmable with any shortcut you want, you can use it all day and realise you are holding it- highly recommended and inexpensive.

I've thought a bout a Wacom tablet- not sure, brilliant for graphics apps though I hear.

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The Magic Mouse is not really good for Vectorworks because often the clicks don't "take." Most long-time users have gotten used to quickly clicking the tool palette (if not using a short cut) and then zipping back to the drawing. You have to linger on the tool for the Magic Mouse to work. You just can't click quickly and move away. It is super annoying and a backwards step in UI. I'm not sure why this is.


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On 10/24/2013 at 1:41 PM, Utectok said:

3d connection pilot... No driver support in VW useless

Best thing ever to work in 3D. I can't navigate without it anymore. Without this device, I feel like my right hand is missing (althought I use it with my left hand). Also its Driver supports Vectorworks very well for years now.


16 hours ago, zoomer said:

3DConnexion CAD Mouse

I also use this mouse for a while. It's relatively big but when you have big hands its very comfortable. It has a scroll wheel and an additional middle mouse button. No more accidental scrolling while moving in the plans. And it has a super sick resolution of 8200 dpi. This means you can move your mouse pointer over three 24″ screens by moving the mouse less than 2″. Very comfortable for the wrist and you can still work extremely precise. If you increase the mouse speed so much, you will have to get used to it and others might not be able to work with it. They'll call you crazy. But you'll love it once you get the hang of it.

Something you don't notice until you use the corresponding 3D-Connection mouse pad with the 3D-Connection Mouse is that you were suffering from static friction with your old mouse. With the 3D-Connection mouse you won't notice any static friction at all, you work much more precisely and comfortably.

Before I got the 3D-Connecion, I was a big fan of Logitech mice. They were all very well crafted and I never had any problems with drivers and receivers.
Meanwhile I would only recommend the 3D-Connection mouse for CAD. For my home the Logitech is enough.

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