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laggy navigation

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i am responding to something mentioned in another thread, but maybe it deserves a new one?...

i too am noticing laggy navigation after installing sp1. (and i think it is worse than before sp1) this is especially noticeable when zooming in 3d/open gl views and in plan view when in the edit mode for floors and extrudes (very slow redraws).

is it just me, or is there a more general problem?



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hi, jim.

"enhanced navigation graphics" was on. turning it off, then on again a couple of times seemed to make no difference.

much of the 3d open gl lag seems to be related to a referenced dwg (referenced as viewport, old way, not direct as now possible.

the sluggish redraw in edit mode seems to be independent of all the above.



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jim, mine is/was much, much slower.

i say was, because due to another problem (no shadows in open gl) i deleted my design layer, imported the same from an older back-up, and then the shadows returned and the editing modes work much more smoothly.

apparently it was something in that layer, don't know what. i'll pay more attention and let you know in case the problems return.

cheers, ray

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Ray:

You may try selecting all objects then fit to objects, this can find things that are pathologically far from the origin. Sometimes that can happen with imported geometry or after editing operations and the huge model bounds causes artifacts in the renderings.

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the distance from the origin doesn't seem to make any difference.

some of the problems in open gl navigation and rendering is probably due to the weak graphics card of the 2010 macbook pro (according to vss tech support.)

jim, i am sending you a video of the lag in edit mode.



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