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Sheet Border + Title Block (not updating)

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Hi there, I have a 2-fold question:

1) I have created a custom title block. I've then created a sheet border and attached the title block to the sheet border, however when I double click the object to modify the information, I can edit it but it does not show. What am I doing wrong here? I've noticed if I insert the title block seperately on the sheet and edit the fields it changes.

2) This is cursory; however, the format for our practice's revision table is ascending, is there any particular way to make the revisions list upward rather than downward?

Image attached should show the two snags.

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I've had similar issues with text in title blocks before (although mine had more to do with text changing font.)

What I discovered is I needed to select the text in the title block symbol, and change the text's pen style (through the attributes palette) to "solid" - and not "By Class" like I would normally do. I believe I also changed the pen's color to the actual color I wanted and not "By Class".

I can't explain it, but this helped resolve my font issues.


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Hi there, I followed the documentation here:

Creating a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks Fundamentals

Is that something I've done wrong?

Would you want to see my titleblock?

I find it much easier to start with a copy of a standard Vectorworks title block because it has all the text already linked to the records. If you want your tittle block to work with the issue manager you have to read the other document mentioned in one you used. If you use a copy of a standard symbol, you do not have to manually link all the fields. It's just easier and saves a lot of time and aggravation.

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