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Opening .dwg files from Finder using Vectorworks?



This is a VW on the Mac-related question. I think I remember being able to open .dwg files directly from the Finder using a past version of Vectorworks. I haven't been able to do this for some time (possibly never - maybe I was dreaming that I could do it in years past). It would save a few steps if I could do this rather than opening a new VW file and importing from within the app. Is there a way to do this that I am missing? If it is not a current feature, can it be added in the future?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Not opening them directly, they can only be imported. Dragging and dropping them into your working area should trigger the import as well.

It is unlikely they will change Vectorworks so that it "Opens" DWGs directly however, because of how much object conversion is involved. It isn't the same as a DWG viewer, which does not alter any geometry. Also, in the same way Vectorworks cannot "Open" DWGs directly, it also can not simply "Save" them, it has to use an export function, which again can alter geometry.

It may just be an issue with semantics however, I will check.

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I think it is just a case of semantics and whoever decides what to label things in a program likes. I think "Export" is actually a more correct way of phrasing it. And I always look for an "Import" or "Export" command whenever I'm trying to open a non-native file type in any program. But I do notice C4D does away with the "Import" option and you just "Open" any file format you want. I'm sure it's doing the "export" functions it needs to do behind the scenes. I have to admit this always throws me. I dig around in several menus without finding an Import option before I remember that in C4D I just use "Open" for all the different file types.

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I hadn't considered dragging and dropping into a drawing - that may save a step. I don't mind when VW has me go through a series of settings questions when importing ACAD files. I would like to be able to open (import) an ACAD file directly from a Finder window into VW without the need for the user to directly interface with VW first. If it were treated similarly to how I open older VW files with VW2014, I would be very happy with that. Thanks.

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