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do texture beds work?


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I've never been able to generate texture beds like the manual shows. I attached a typical example of a sidewalk going over a small berm. The texture seems to be at the same elevation as the DTM, and it will not change in the obj info palette. I can't move it using the 3D 'move' command.

Can anyone give me a clue ? Does the texture bed function actually work ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Texture bed does indeed work.

Create a class, and set its Other tab to use the desired texture.

Use the Site Modifiers tool in Texture Bed mode to draw the shape in plan view. Choose the class you created above to set the desired texture. Choose also whether this texture bed will affect the existing site, or your proposed site.

Select the site model and click Update Site Model. The texture bed will simply "paint" the area with the new texture. It does not have a specific elevation, as it just hugs the surface of the site.

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what is it that you are trying to do? your picture looks like the texture bed is working as intended.

you mention elevation. texture bed may not be the right tool if you are looking to alter the elevation, or construct a concrete or stone pad with a thickness. maybe you need to use a combination of a pad with a slab or the hardscape tool.



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in the image, the stone sidewalk is supposed to go over the top of the berm, but it doesn't. It is clearly not showing up on the top of the berm, and the other portions are distorted as if the image is at the same elevation as the DTM so they 'fight' over which textrue to show ... the green or the gray.

Since others seems to get this to work, I'll keep trying .....

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I tried to answer my own question ... but it only works a little. I found the texture bed elevation field in the OIP and adjusted it down to zero. The result is shown in this file, the upper sidewalk. Then I reasoned I should raise the elevation to be 6" and did it in the lower sidewalk. This works better, but not good enough. Isn't the texture bed supposed to "paint" the DTM surface ? This does not appear to occur. The brown brick texture is the one I'm trying to show. I can't figure out why the "underlying" texture is a distorted stone texture.

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Do you have a 2nd object, say a polygon sent to surface, displaying the stone texture? It looks like your brick is moving separately from the stone, which indicates two objects and two textures. Drag a marquee and see what selects.

Or could this be two site models superimposed? maybe on two layers?

Or some dual view setting of proposed and exist with different textures on the same texture bed?

If it's not proprietary and not too big, post the vwx2013 file so others here can have a look.


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yes, i concur, look like two objects occupying the same place. happened to me many times, especially two dtms on different layers.

looks like you are wanting to paste the brick texture over the grass. though vw allows stacking layers (if you follow a precise stacking order--is it first placed goes on top? can't remember), i generally cut out the lower texture with the clip surface tool, because i found that the stacking didn't always work.

could be better in 2014, haven't tried it. stuck in my old ways.


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I'm totally frustrated with this. I can get the texture bed to map to the DTM surface, but I can't manipulate the texture/color and the 'bed' never seems to paint the DTM surface. It always displays the sort of conflicted image when two objects occupy the same space. I can't email the DTM because the file size is too big. I've checked a million times if there are two DTMs or beds present. I update the DTM. I check the "proposed" DTM display versus "existing". I try different render modes. I made new DTMs on new files, and the same thing occurs. Is there a better instructional reference out there somewhere ? The VW manual just isn't sufficient.

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If anyone cares .... here is the type of behavior I see (attached image). The curved walkway doesn't pefectly 'paint' on top of the DTM. When I have a pad (as in the upper right) the texture is distorted along the wrong face and the texture attribute tool can not be used to set the texture to the correct (horizontal) face. I'm still open for suggestions .... although frustrated.

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I am experiencing a similar issue when attempting to superimpose pavement/sidewalk on a site model. After using the Send to Surface command, I have a mix of site and sidewalk - very similar to the graphic posted by domer1322. I can "solve" the problem by raising the sidewalk 3" - which creates a new problem. I've used this tool a couple of times in the past, but it may be the first time in VW 2013. I'll try it in 2014 later today and see if that works.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one having issues with this. I've repeatedly tried to move the texture bed above the DTM - to no avail. HOWEVER: in the middle of trying all sorts of things, it looks like the solution might be to un-check the box in the OIP that says "Show 3D". You read that correctly .... if you want to see it in a 3D rendering, uncheck the "Show 3D" box that appears in the OIP (when you've selected the site modifier texture bed object. I would tear my hair out over this, but I've already lost it all. Thank you all for your input ....

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I switched over to triangles ... but I find the triangle faces distort the textures applied to them. It is also taken me too long to figure out that an image shader on a DTM just won't work. The repeating pattern is bound to show up poorly in a desired view, sooner or later. It seems like nothing is perfect.

I like the 3D extruded contours because I can instantly see the elevation and grade changes ... with the triangles you have to interpret the lighting as it reflects off the surface.

I'm much happier now ... I've spent considerable time figuring this out and it now seems to work .

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