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Artlantis export from vectorworks

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thanks that's useful

i was wondering when exporting this way it retains the applied material that was used in the render works side before export as renderworks has some great looking textures. or can i use a texture from renderworks in artlantis, the source material must be somewhere, say a .jpg but where would i find these in vectorworks so i can copy say into photoshop to save as a texture that i can use in artlantis,

do you export your lights into artlantis and if so how do you retain the settings that

was created in renderworks....i exported my lights but had to adjust the power once in artlantis, many thanks

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Hi Phil, I have never tried importing RW textures into Artlantis, but I know there's a way to extract RW texture images... so it should be viable.

As far as lights, I don't think they export into Artlantis.

Sorry couldn't be more helpful...

How r u liking Artlantis 5? I have version 3, but considering upgrading. I only use Artlantis very sporadically, since I'm usually satisfied with RW's quality, but always nice to have the option to have a better rendering. Have u tried the Maxwell rendering engine?



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hi carlos

its different but very interactive

you can know see the beam of a light source

and scale a graphic say on a wall with pull handles

well worth the upgrade, i had version 4.1 so the cost was ?190.00

so i guess 250 us dollars maybe try a demo to see what you think before you buy


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well it looks like atlantis will not be providing an export plug in from v17 to atlantis 5 

only from v17 to there latest render program artlantis 6 which is ruuuuuuubbish....

that means for the first time in a number or years i won't be able to use the updated vectorworks v17 with my atlantis version5

so my hard earned money to subscribe to service select for the upgrade to v17 has been wasted i can only use v16 with my atlantis 5 software    great.........eh......

or do all my rendering in vectorworks which is nigh on imposiible due to the lack of vehicle librarys that i have described in numerous pre posts

i have tried to work with my vehicle models in vectorworks but it takes an age to take these apart in vectorworks to reapply the correct materials

i think it needs a kick up the backside form vectorworks to atlantis to provide the export plugins which will allow people like me who use

vectorworks and atlantis as a very clean and fast method of providing superb finished renders instead of having to upgrade to artlantis 6 which as i have mentioned is

slow and inefficient

i wonder how many vectorworks users find themselves in my situation........

phew what a rant.....sorry folks 



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On 11/10/2016 at 7:36 PM, Phil hunt said:


This is a post from the Artlantis forum as you will see I am not the only one with this problem



Re: vector works plug in v17 to atlantis 5

Postby PhilBixby » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:00 pm 

Hi PHD. Fellow VW2017 and ATL5 user here. As you'll see elsewhere on the discussion board, there's now a Plug-In for VW2017 but it only works with ATL6; there's a drop-down list on the dialog box (as with the VW2016 Plug-In) but only one option is available - ATL6 - rather than the choice of 5 or 6 as with WV2016. It would be really helpful if someone at Artlantis could tell us whether that's the final version or whether the drop-down list suggests a version for ATL5 is on the way, and if so when.

Meantime I've taken the plunge and started using the latest version of Artlantis v6; every previous install had failed to work properly (the previous one had resulted in a BSOD immediately it was launched) but the current version seems stable. However, enough users out there had problems with early versions of v6 that there really should be a Plug-In for those who want to stick with v5.
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