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22 hours ago, Phil hunt said:

is the default application of a decal set to perimeter.....just wondering why you can't use the attribute mapping tool with perimeter.......should it be set to plane as a default so this box does not appear or am i missing a setting

So..before adding a decal, we have to create a surface...if not..not only the image will come throught the other side as you said but the texture of the object gets ruined. I guess it is easier to create and use an image prop..   :)

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the texture of the object should not change in it appearance....shown is a simple sq block with the 4 sides extracted to 1mm given a class name and then a simple white texture applied to each of the 4 surfaces 

i have mapped a figure at differing sizes to illustrate that the texture should not change in its appearance and that it will not show through the other side of the cube


thanks Phil



image capture28.jpg

image capture29.jpg

4 sided.vwx

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Two things here:


1. When you apply the decal it will be a plane projection so if you apply the decal to the sides of the cube then you will get the effect you have seen as the image is projected onto the face.


2. To avoid this then draw the rectangle in front-view and extrude. Then apply the decal to the top or bottom and you will be fine.


Also note the decal will not show in OpenGL

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 14.45.58.png

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thanks for this BKS...its seems to me that a lot of people would have struggled to find this tip including me leading to a lot of frustration.......it defiantly looks like applying a decal should be made easier....i think jim commented some time ago when i brought this up that if i was finding it difficult to apply a decal i was doing it right.....maybe something for 2018 release.......i also find it strange that you have to first apply a

texture to a surface before you can apply a decal.....sometimes i just have a white fill colour to represent a white wall for instance....but i have to create a texture in white....then apply and then i can apply the decal....how strange i guess there's a reason ....

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this was jims quote 


"If you are finding that it is extremely cumbersome to apply a decal texture at the moment, then you are using the tool correctly. (I don't mean to be so snide normally but this tool really does need some work to become stable.)

Currently trying to add a decal to a surface, especially a cylinder or a sphere is very difficult and is prone to "sticking" and the user would need to start over again to re-map the decal and get it to the proper place."


this was jims quote....sorry haven't worked out how to resend a previous quote......!

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