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Group, Viewport opaque block


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I just installed 2014.

When I select a group, symbol or viewport it looks like an opaque block. Anyone else have that problem. I did a quick search of the forum and didn't see any other posts on this.

I attached an image with nothing selected and an image with a group selected.

I'm finding this to be a big problem.



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I'm on a Mac, but it's probably similar. If you go to your Vectorworks Preferences window, click the Interactive tab, and then the Interactive Appearance Settings, select one of the Object Highlighting elements. When it's selected, you get choices for setting colors and opacity. The default appears to be about 40% opacity. Is that what yours looks like?

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Interesting. I think it is a bug in the 'object highlighting-active layer' setting. Changing opacity does nothing. If I change the fill then the selected opaque group object changes to the new fill.

I just opened VW2013 which with the exact same settings - selection highlighting 'on' and the same 'object highlighting-active layer' setting yet selected groups are visible. in VW 2013 turning up or down the opacity controls the opacity of the objects in the selected group.

I'll report this as a bug if I can figure out how...

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I did contact tech support. Apparently my new computer was not using the nvidia graphics card for VW it was using the integrated graphics instead. Annoying!

Here is the tech support email in case anyone has a similar issue...

This is most likely what you are experiencing:




Technical Support Specialist

Nemetschek Vectorworks

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