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VW 2014 - Glitchy zooming with images

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Go ahead and email that file to tech@vectorworks.net with

"ATTN Jim" for the subject please, we can take a look at the full profile.

Also, if you could in that email include one of the image files that you confirmed to have this issue, just in case.

(I'll see about having SPX files added to the allowed list of formats for the forums if thats possible.)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

That seems normal, those i7 iMacs were 1 CPU, 4 cores, hyperthreaded to 8 total I believe. So if you pulled up Activity Monitor it would show 8.

(My iMac12,1 is 4 cores, but not hyperthreaded, so I only see 4 in activity monitor.)

In any case, that shouldn't affect this behavior. Taking a look now.

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But wait. I'm getting glitchy zooms, too. I've had VW 2014 running for several weeks, but this prob only showed up in the last couple of days. Regardless of images, or whether the file is new or a converted older file, I get herky-jerky response when I zoom with mouse wheel. By that, I mean that when I zoom in by a few 'clicks' on the mouse wheel it zooms, pauses, goes back to original zoom and then zooms in to the expected scale. No probs if I zoom a click at a time.

Logitech M510 wireless usb mouse, current driver according to Logitech download page.

This is one of many new symptoms that have been popping up this week, so it might be hard to pinpoint. Any ideas?

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Yes, I see the same herky-jerky zoom when I use the zoom tool. One other observation that might be important: If if I use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out from one mouse position without pause, it seems to work ok. But if I zoom once, then pause a sec, and un-zoom or zoom to a 'very different' mouse position it goes bonkers again. I guess that has something to do with having to redraw another part of the screen?

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