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Floor mounted lights

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Further help from a related post

To fix other lights you can do the same sort of process.

- Edit the 3D of the symbol. Mine or one with a body you like for the new symbol.

- Delete the parts you don't want (clamps, yoke extras, etc)

- Draw, change or import replacement parts. My base is a circle extruded, very simple. I 3D rotated the yoke. I have a symbol clamp which most of the libraries don't.

- Note that the body still must point down. Very important!

- Make sure your 3D locus is correct.

- Make sure the texture on the body does not cast shadows, it will block all light! "default instrument texture" is good.

- Set the Parts record values for each piece. I usually group all the elements for each part. This seems to simplify the rotation process.

- With nothing selected but still editing the symbol, add or correct the lighting device record. These will be the default values for the fixture. Note that the candela value can not be changed anywhere but here.

- Edit the 2D parts

Test your symbol and save it in a safe place. You can also use this one to make similar ones, cyc ends and middles for example.

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Hey all,

Trying to create floor fixtures and after editing the 3D model successfully (just removing the C clamp) when I place it in my project and try to rotate around Y axis, the model gets 'blown out' (the yoke disconnects from the base pieces). I've tried to mimic how the default model is grouped (base pieces grouped apart from the yoke and fixture) and then have tried other options to see if I could fix the issue to no avail. 


Any ideas here? (I'm *very* new to VW)

VWX blow out.png

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Gotcha, so I tried a number of different things, removing the clamp, removing its color and outline, and virtually every combination of base groupings, including the exact order of grouping that the default symbol uses, but it still gets blown out. 

Is there a way to remove things from a 3D symbol without ruining the whole image like a dumbdumb?

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