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Uniclass2, Classes and NBS

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Has anyone tried to develop a class structure based on the Uniclass2 classification system? I am trying to set up a new template that will tie in with Uniclass2 and NBS Create and find it hard to know what to call each class.

Should I include the 'Table' as well as the 6 digit string e.g:

A-Ee-25_20_45-M_External Wall External Finish


A-25_20_45-M_External Wall External Finish

NBS doesn't seem to use the 'Table' (Ee) and their code doesn't always seem to line up with the CPIC website Uniclass2 (Development Release) Classification Tables.

It would be great if there was a single set up standard classes that we could all use that is consistent with Uniclass2 and NBS Create. Does anyone have an example that they use and we could all refer to similar to the old AEC one?

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We have been working on this for a few days but mulling it over for over a year, My colleague @ollytdb has made some real progress today. Its far from perfect and we are still not there. We have had to make some decisions on truncating the codes and using the - not the _. We have only had real success with VWA 2014. Will add more when were further on.

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The use of - or _ seems to matter. I asked Sarah at CPIC who is developing the Uniclass 2 system and her response is:

"the device to use between the pairs of numbers is and underscore in order not to confuse the field separation as defined in BS 1192"

I'm not sure where that leave VW with navigation through the classes.

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+1 to this request, if we have a ready to go .sta available, it will be a huge aid. As a side note, is there anyone trying to adopt or have adopted a U.S. based system either published by AIA or NBIMS-US by NIBS (national institute of building sciences) to organize their class list? I'm curious...

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Why do our vectorworks classes need to tie up with uniclass?

Uniclass is a classification for an object rather than A class isn't it?

Uniclass codes are surely meant for the IFC data are they not?

I mean, why name your classes after uniclass codes if your exporting as IFC? Ifc doesn't include vectorworks classes.

Please clear this up for me. Am I off on a tangent here?

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