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Phil hunt

applying a decal

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having used artlantis for 12 years, and now trying to learn renderworks it seems such long winded way, we have to apply a logo or decal onto a surface, is there a quicker way than going through the render info.....i just wished i could drag and drop the logo onto a surface and then instigate the alpha channel!

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If you are finding that it is extremely cumbersome to apply a decal texture at the moment, then you are using the tool correctly. (I don't mean to be so snide normally but this tool really does need some work to become stable.)

Currently trying to add a decal to a surface, especially a cylinder or a sphere is very difficult and is prone to "sticking" and the user would need to start over again to re-map the decal and get it to the proper place.

I will re-submit an issue about this since I have not done so in awhile, in addition to your wishlist request here:


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I am getting better in this department...just a learning curb but a drag and drop would make life a lot easier....I did map a picture of a car onto a curved surface yesterday....ended up looking like a dragster.....didn't map well at all 

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The transition from Artlantis to Renderworks has been very painful. One of the problems I seem to be having is applying decals to a curved surface. The process seems to obliterate any original texture and make the object itself invisible with only the decal showing. Sadly, I've got a huge project due tomorrow...

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i did post a find sometime ago when i had the same problem.....i made an image prop with a decal using an alpha channel which means your background will be transparent....and then using the deform tool (bend solid mode) made the image prop into a curved surface which meant you could place the image prop over the curved surface.....you need to get the bend to match the bend on your model but it alleviates deforming the decal


worth a try    phil



image capture27.jpg

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