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Vectorworks 2014 exporting X location for Lightwright


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In vectorworks 2013 there was an option under File>Document settings>spotlight preferences where you could select data fields to transfer over to Lightwright. One of those fields was the X Location (which was the lighting instruments X coordinate on the Cartesian plane) which would then show up in Lightwright. In Vectorworks 2014 the X location field does not appear. Any Thoughts?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

X,Y,Z and Rotation are automatically exported to Lightwright with Vectorworks 2014. Lightwright needs to be updated to recognize the fields. The update for Lightwright is currently in beta and scheduled to be released later this week.

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Hi Kevin,

Having just migrated to VW 2014 after 25 years using a different CAD solution, I have to say I'm a little distressed as to the non-usability of the reporting features in Spotlight 2014? Please can you be straight with me - is it just because of the link to LightWright? in that you don't see the need to offer export to other spreadsheet programmes? I want to get to the truth of this matter so I can make an informed choice as to where I go from here. I have to say, after ?3.5K for the software, the last thing i expected was to have to fork out another ?400 to JM for LightWright, just so VW Spotlight 2014 could be useful? Really?

I have tried all the export/import features and they really don't work do they?

Feeling a bit cheated right now!

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Joe -

I (if not all of us) totally get your "transition frustration" - either when moving from other CAD solutions to VW, or from one VW workflow to another. Therefore, you'll find that ther are many willing to help...

What, exactly, isn't working for you? Are you using the Spotlight "Export Instrument Data" and "Import Instrument Data" menu commands? Are you using the preset Spotlight reports or your own database Worksheets? While I don't to much importing, I export to Excel regularly with no problems.

The attached file will give you a glimpse into how at least 1 other user works - and, how you can use the Spotlight system in somewhat non-standard ways.

Regards -

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The "Export Worksheet" command works pretty well but you have to have an active worksheet open, which presupposes you have made a worksheet of the information you want. Both "Generate Paperwork" and "Create Report" will create an exportable worksheet. Let us know if you need help with those commands.


Samuel L. Jones

Developer of AutoPlotVW, AutoPlotTools for SpotLight, and Chain Hoist Tools


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I'm on a job where we are working on getting the XYZ position info into MA3D for previz.

In VW20134 the XYZ position fields show up as an option to export to LW but in VW2014 they do not. (My VW2014 is up to date according to the app).

Here are links to the export screens in VW2013 and 2014 that illustrate the issue.



Additionally, we are having an issue where the exported position information (from VW2013) does not always match the information in the OIP for the lights.

Any thoughts as to why that might be?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The data exchange with LW now supports X,Y and Z by default.

It was removed from the export Instrument Data because the location was unreliable with that command.

You can get the locations into a worksheet by using the criteria XCOORDINATE, YCOORDINATE, and ZCOORDINATE.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The X,Y,Z rotation and several other attributes are automatically exported as part of the data exchange for LW5. When you go into LW to select how the VW fields map to LW fields you will see the additional fields. These fields are not supported via export instrument data.

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