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Request : New way to do keyboard shortcuts



I use Vectorworks and Cinema 4D. Both are great in the way they let you custom-define your keyboard shortcuts. However, Vectorworks is limited in this, while Cinema is almost unlimited. I use a lot of custom scripts and like to map everything to keyboard commands so that I can then map those to my X-Keys or iPad custom keypad.

In VW, you only have a few modifiers and the keys. Almost every combination is already taken by something. So adding more is generally not doable with more than a few.

Cinema uses a different direction. You can have the modifiers just as you do in VW, but you can also have double-key commands. For instance, pressing M then I performs a command. M is like a submenu of sorts for modeling commands, and I is the line command within that submenu. If this route were taken with VW, it would blast open the number of commands we could program.

Just a thought as I sit here trying to map stuff!

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I use a program called Keyboard Maestro (Mac) to make macros. In addition to being able to assign keyboard shortcuts triggers, it also has the ability to create pallets with clickable buttons to trigger the macros. It's very powerful. Saves me lots of time eliminating repetitive tasks. Take a look at my Vectorworks shortcut pallets:


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Much agreed, Vincent. One of the reasons I shrug about upgrading often is having to re-setup my workspace. I think there's a way to do it, but I don't want to import an old workspace and lose new commands in the process. REally, I'd just need to easily import the custom menu I make with all the assigned keystrokes.

Seems like it should be too difficult to implement these changes, but I'm not a software programmer, so who am I to say?

I would really like more flexible options for customizing. And as others have sad, Cinema is amazing for this. Every doodad and whatzit is fully customizable.

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