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Vectorworks big BIM open BIM in practice


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[ and there's no room for bad geometry,rendered data and a greater selection of trees and vines to cover your mistakes.

I don't make mistakes.....

No, mate I am not the only one using BIM Data, All the projects that I am dealing with (contracting) are split, Autodesk (80%), Archicad (15%), Others (5%)

Sounds about right for 90% of the offices I work with.....so?!

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LOL, Nobody deliberately sets out to make mistakes,but they just appear for whatever reason,

Again, I don't make mistakes......mistakes may appear for what ever reason however they get corrected, in the end no mistakes.....you think you have a sole patent in delivering good work?

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@ Chris:

they would be asking for IFC removal from projects.

..don't waste your time & money with BIMX & an Ipad on site!

My profile on this site isn't intended to bring me work...So it doesn't matter

why then should you have a say in Big BIM your role is diminishing?

If they can't turn that around in a hurry then its too late.. is that catastrophic enough.

They have to really start thinking about the message they want to convey.... their credibility is at stake not mine.

You guys deserve what's installed for you in the future, having given IFC/open bim away for FREE. BIM now belongs to those equipped to deal with the Data everyone saw it coming but you...

...LOL,so in a nut shell you can't win with IFC.my2c

...so what exactly is your contribution in this thread (on this forum)?

You know your obnoxious and superior attitude reminds me a lot of an old member here called Petri (he was banned after many warnings) difference is he was a genius at VWs and could actually solve most problems he was critical of..........food for thought?

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SBG has no point, his type is best dealt with by ignoring him. No matter what you say he will have an uncourteous rude naval gazing response.

To all forum user, please let's just abstain the burning urge to respond to him...save your precious time for helping others.

In Holland we have a saying:

Tall trees catch a lot of wind...... :grin:

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