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retrieving the space areas for one floor layer

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first of all: i know my excel knowledge is a miserable one, but some things seem to be different in excel and in vw.

1. the first thing is the sum of objects in a database spreadsheet: there is no possibility to select a few of the, say, 40 cells in a column, because they have a 2.n name, so the excel sum like this (c1:c40) doesn't work. all 40 objects get selected.

is this a normal behaviour?

2. i've got a worksheet with all spaces (having a record format) in the 3-storey building with their gross areas. the record fields are the data fields from the space object record, space number, space name and gross area.

now i want to retrieve the space areas from only one of the floors. what is the formula for this?

i tried the sum of the space areas on, say, ground floor, but how to add a layer (story) criteria? i do the sum in the 'gross areas' column down there.

thanks in advance for any hint.


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Hi Rob

1. Correct. Since each row of a database (X.xx) represents an object in the drawing, the rows will move around as objects get added, subtracted, renumbered, renamed, etc. So trying to call specific rows isn't very helpful.

2. There are at least two ways to do what you want.

a, Little triangle > Database header > Right click on the row header (4, not 4.xx) > choose Edit Criteria - change the criteria - Little triangle > Database header again to hide the header row.

b. in a cell NOT in a database row:

Type = (equals sign)

click on the little triangle > Paste Function > choose area

click on the little triangle > Paste Criteria

if you have something selected you will get a list of check boxes. Click Custom in the bottom right corner.

set the criteria of the space objets whose area you are intrested in.

It's not as complicated as it sounds. I'll post an example. It will be pretty clear.



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michael, you're my hero. thanks very much :)

the trouble was multiple:

1. i didn't know there was possible to have many database queries in one worksheet.

2. i have tried to set a function with criteria in a blank cell in the area column that should have displayed the spaces areas sum for a particular story.

3. i've missed the (obvious) possibility to manipulate the original database query criteria.

what i still don't get are the cells: e22 through e25:

where do the criteria come from and how did it get set?

thx again.


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Take a look at my poorly written answer in 2b above.

In a blank cell type the equals sign

Click on the little triangle and choose paste function

You will get a list of functions. Choose Area

The menu bar for that cell will now read =AREA() with the cursor in between the parentheses.

Go back to the little triangle and choose Paste Criteria. If you have something selected it will offer you a shortcut to check whatever attribute of the selected object you would like to be the criteria. If you have nothing selected it gives you the regular criteria picker dialog box. Pick the criteria Layer = ______ and Record Format is __________ or whatever else you need.

I did a webinar on worksheets for VW that covers a lot of this. It's recorded someplace on their site but I can never find it. It's also available here: http://www.verysmallgroup.com/santa-barbara-vectorworks/movies-and-stuff/worksheet-webinar.html



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now i remember these videos!

i have watched the whole bunch but then i've lost them somehow.

i usually store the educational films under thematically tabbed folders on my external drive so it'd be not a bad idea to store there the links to the unretrievable ones, too.

thanks again.


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