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CameraMatch 2013 Now Available for Vectorworks 2014

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

[font:Arial Black]CameraMatch 2013 Now Compatible with both Vectorworks 2013 & 2014![/font]

[font:Arial]The latest version of CameraMatch (2013.0.5) is now compatible with both Vectorworks 2013 & 2014 and is free to all CameraMatch 2013 users.

This update also contains some important bug fixes.

We recommend all current CameraMatch 2013 users download and install this update.[/font]

[font:Arial] PanzerCAD Home Page [/font]

[font:Arial Black]CameraMatch 2013 Information:[/font]

[font:Arial] Quickly and accurately align a 3D model view to a photograph. Then create a beautiful polished rendering using the CameraMatch Masking, Cloning and Shadow features. Our goal in developing CameraMatch 2013 was to make it easier, more accurate, and more predictable to use. The result is a set of plug-ins that get you more accurate results, even faster than before![/font]

[font:Arial Black]CameraMatch 2013 Features:[/font]

[font:Arial Black]New Preview Object:[/font]

[font:Arial]The Preview Object is an object shown within the CameraMatch object to aid in setting up the CameraMatch view. I could bore you with a long explanation of how cool this feature is, or you can just watch a snazzy video:


[font:Arial Black]One standard Control Line mode:[/font]

[font:Arial]Previous versions of CameraMatch had 3 control line modes. These have all been eliminated in favor of one standard mode. Some of the advantages of this new mode are:

? More predictable view calculations

??More reliable view tuning

? The ability to use cropped photos[/font]

[font:Arial Black]Interface improvements:[/font]

[font:Arial]Miscellaneous improvements to beter guide you through the process. Simple things like control lines that now only point towards their calculated vanishing point, icons added to the Tune View Dialog slider, and alerts that point out common mistakes. New final render mode settings and a Render Viewport button have also been added to let you update the viewport without leaving the annotations. All of these little things add up to a smoother more trouble free process; giving you professional results fast.[/font]

[font:Arial Black]Shadow objects can now be given a fill color:[/font]

[font:Arial] Shadow objects can now take on the fill color given to them through the Attributes palette. This lets shadows better match the colors of shadows in the photo.[/font]

[font:Arial Black]Some cool links to check out:[/font]

[font:Arial] PanzerCAD Home Page

CameraMatch User Image Gallery

CameraMatch 2013 New Features and Information

CameraMatch 2013 FREE for students


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Hey, Matt.

I'm trying to install CameraMatch 2013 on my Mac. (I'm using all the latest updates for Mac OS and VW Designer 2014.)

I understand there is an auto-installer in VW2014 that looks for a zip file that I'm supposed to have downloaded, but my download from your site is a dmg file. VW doesn't seem to recognize it, so I don't know how to install CameraMatch.

Any suggestions?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Bill,

Double-click the DMG and the Mac will mount it as a disk. Use the installer built in to Vectorworks (as you mentioned) and locate the "CameraMatch 2013 Install Package" located on the DMG. See the "Installation" instructions on the DMG for more details if needed.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Best regards,


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