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mysterious message

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What tool was the active tool and what type of object were you using?

What were you trying to do?

The parametric constraints are those red looking tools in the constraints palette.

It would be odd that you got that message if you weren't using a parametric constraint.

If you notice it again, send the file and an explaination to tech@nemetschek.net and someone here can take a look at it.

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I have never used the constraints pallette, the message only appears when exiting the edit group command.

The problem is not specific to one file, but it has only appeared since I updated to 9.5.2.

I was having problems with referencing in 9.5.1, and this update was recommended to relieve that problem. We use OS 9.2.1.

(ps how do I get rid the of replies on this subject that I've posted by mistake?)

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Click on the paper with pencil icon. Then click in the check mark box for "Delete Post".

You can only delete your own posts. You cannot delete other persons posts.

Well, if you have a file where this happens, include the object(s) that you are editing along with the file in an email to tech@nemetschek.net.

Someone here will address the problem.

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What ever became of this? We used to have this problem in some VW9 files, but we thought it went away in VW10. We were wrong. We have a file (admittedly converted from VW9) in which a group causes force quit.

Long version:

File made in VW10, copied an elevation from another file which was converted from VW9. Group(s) in elevation can be opened and edited, but when closing the group the parametric constraint dialogue appears and loops -- must force quit VW. The only way around the bug (which we found in VW9) was to ungroup the objects, edit, then regroup. We do not use parametric contraints since we first found this bug over a year ago in VW9.

The user is running VW10.1 on Mac OS X 10.2.4.

Any ideas?


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