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Nurbs, where can I learn how to use them?

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I am trying to design a life size version of the mountain Jack Skelington walks on in A Nightmare Before Christmas theme Company party. I have never used nurbs and any tutorials you may know of, links, pdfs would be greatly appreciated. [img:center]http://pichost.me/1459208/[/img]

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I never want to discourage anyone from learning about NURBS, but I don't think NURBS are necessary for this shape.

You might be able to slide by with an EAP...


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Wow, nice. Did you draw a spiral and a circle then EAP? My colleagues and I couldn't figure out how to do the taper of the spiral. Thanks I appreciate all the help you are providing.

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I tried a spiral first, but it was too regular. So I just drew a polyline and a circle and made an EAP. After that, it took a little futzing around with the size of the circle profile and the exponential shape factor.

If you really want to have a NURBS experience, this will get you a more precise result.

1. In Screen Plane, Front View: trace the inside and outside edges of the mountain profile with the polyline tool. Convert both of them to NURBS. In the OIP, check show direction. Make sure the direction of both is from the bottom to the top.


2. In Layer Plane top plan or 3D view. Draw a circle approximately the diameter of the bottom of the mountain. Convert to NURBS.


3. 3D Tool set. Loft Tool. 3rd mode. (Birail loft). Click on the first two shapes and then on the circle. Click the green checkmark.

In the next dialog box Check Create Solid and Keep Curves.

-If you don't check Create Solid you will get a group of NURBS Surfaces. Probably a lot of them.

-If you don't check Keep Curves there are no second chances. Loft surface isn't editable afterwards. So keep the original curves if you want to edit them and try again.

Click OK.



PS. Probably important to mention in step 1: Don't let the polylines touch at the "top" of the mountain.

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